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London has many historical and characterful pubs. Pub tour guide takes us to several of his favourites.

It's not new and it's not a river but the New River has been supplying London with its fresh water for over 400 years.

The oldest livery companies of the City of London were first established in medieval times. Many of them, in existence for as much as 700 years, continue to have an effect on modern life. In this video we hear about why they came into existence, and about some of their current activities.

The River Thames police are the longest-serving police force in Britain. They were originally founded in 1798 to protect the ships arriving back from the slave plantations of Britain's West Indian colonies. Their role soon changed to a general protection of people and property on the river. They are now part of London's Metropolitan Police but predate the Met by over 30 years. The Thames police are still based in the same location at Wapping in East London where they began over 300 years ago.

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